Padang 3# Padang in My Mind

I tried to look out of the aircraft window in my side. I wondered what kind of place that I will visit. Yes, I’ve learnt about this city from many books. I’ve googled the information for several times to make sure about the city. However, what I got in my mind was still blurring. What crossed in my mind was Siti Nurbaya, Sutan Takdir Alisyahbana, Agus Salim, Bunda Kanduang and many names that I got from the novel I had been reading when I was a child. The recent imagination about this city was related to the remarkable tourism place which is operated by the Italian; Cubadak Island. The Island I’m willing to visit during my stay in Padang. The view from the aircraft window was only the white cloud that was covered the land far down there.

Once the plane landed in International Airport of Minangkabau, I could see clearly the land outside. It was very different with the city I just left. I saw the green covered land surrounded by the forested hill. I was served with these tremendously beautiful views at my very first visit. Once I can directly conclude that the city is very beautiful with these natural landscapes. Yes, beautiful nature for me is a forest, hill and river.

It’s proven when I was on the ride to the place where I stay now. I really enjoyed the ride along the way to the central of city. It was really different with the cities I had visited recently. I could feel the city would be very interesting. In addition, the people I met were very warm and friendly. It’s kind of nice culture that Minang people have.

It didn’t take a long time for me to adapt with the life here. Even I only knew little about ‘bahasa Minang’, it didn’t take me to the ‘lost in the city experiences’. It is very easy to get the information you need here. The people will gladly tell you the way home if you are lost. So, nothing to worry here.

Recently, I found my big pleasure in this city. I love to take the ‘Angkot’ wherever I go. It is not like the ‘Angkot’ I found in many cities in Indonesia, the old ugly public transportation that people try to avoid. Unlike the fact in other cities, Angkot in Padang is my favorite transportation. Whenever I needed the escape from my hectic job, I would directly head to the street and take Angkot to do the city tour. What I like is the good music, comfort seat and the artistic decoration. Sometimes, I thought that I got the ride from the gangsta black man driver that is figured in the Hollywood movie. The combination of good music, decoration, and speed driving make my imagination take me to the scene of Fust and furious movie. In some ‘Angkot’, I found the wide flat LCD screen which played Justin Bieber or Akon video. And in one lucky day, the driver played me Lady Gaga’s songs along the way in my city tour. With what I’ve found, there is no reason not to enjoy the living in this city.


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