India Moment; Senyummu Indahkan Duniaku

I was in rushing from Bandung to catch my flight in Soekarno-Hatta Airport when I wrote this note. I was anxious that I would miss the flight. It was three hours to the flight. I just keep on talking with my mind and regularly saw the clock above the drivers head front there. It was very annoying to think how I could be this late. I tried to keep the positive suggestion in my mind. I’ve proven this in many times, it was really works. What I kept in my mind was “the bus will get the airport no more than 2 o’clock” intervals with the words “the plane will delay 30 minutes, it’s Indonesia men!”

To lose my anxiety I tried to focus on my book I bought in Gramedia Matraman when I was in my quick transit in Jakarta in my arrival from Padang. Unfortunately, instead of “wow, it’s a good reading! I enjoy it!” what crossed in my mind was “owh…what kind of writing is this?”. I just couldn’t focus. Reading was no longer fun at the time. The anxiety of missing the flight broke my concentration. So, I packed back my book to my backpack and take my eyes out of the window in my side.

The shuttle bus I was taking started to enter the city highway which is regularly having the great long traffic jam. At the highway gate heading to the southern part of Jakarta and also Airport, the bus was side by side with another bus. The kind of a common economic bus crowded with the tired-face passenger. Suddenly, my eyes catch the other eyes in that bus. I didn’t know why, that eyes create calm in my heart. Eyes on eyes on the side by side running bus. It was just randomly caught. It seems the eyes over there looked into my eyes too. Eyes on eyes lead to another contact. Now smile start to bow on that good looking face (Senyum from Raihan started to play). It’s like that I had the ‘India moment’, the scene that you find in the bollywood movie (ya, ya, I know you’ll laugh me because I like to watch Indian movie) when the man meet the girls at the first time. The girls blushingly avoid her sight from the men ayes and does the eyes contact afterwards. It’s usually repeated. As you know, the next action will be the chasing each other in the large flower garden while singing. Sometimes hide behind the big tree and keep on singing. This part make Indian movie plays in a long long duration.

Ok, back to my India moment. The two buses rotated to run on before, rushing in the not too crowded highway. When they were running side by side, my India moment repeatedly happened. It’s kind of strange to get the feeling from the ‘I dunno who’ over there. It’s just started from the eye contact leaded by the smile. I forgot the anxiety of missing the flight and started to move my finger on my laptop’s keyboard when the bus with the nice smiling face running on before my bus. It’s an evidence that smile is a universal language, universal communication among us. So, why don’t we smile? Who knows the smile on your face gives the cheers on people around you.


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